Jewel of the Nation – North Bali


Ventje and Dintje Tambuwun founded the Jewel of the Nation Children’s Home on July 13th, 1998 on just ‘a hope and a prayer’. It was never their intention to embark on this venture, but after witnessing for themselves the toll the first year of the then economic crisis in Indonesia was taking on innocent, young children, they felt compelled to reach out and help them. The Book of Esther and her story through adoption and overcoming adversity to become a great leader and queen was inspirational. Ventje and Dintje felt that they too could impact children’s lives and become a guiding foundation to ensure “their children” would mature and develop into good, caring, disciplined and productive individuals.

Some of the children are not ‘true’ orphans, instead coming from abusive and very poor homes. Without this home the children would be severely malnourished, have very little education or, in the worst case scenario, may even be dead. The first children were brought to the home by a father who carried his only daughter and his neighbor’s son and daughter. Both families were unable to provide for their children and turned to Ventje and Dintje to offer them hope.

Since APCF started supporting the Jewel of the Nation Children’s Home in 2007 the home has been able to expand rapidly and meet its ongoing needs for food, transportation, general bills and the schooling of all of the children. The ongoing assistance has to date allowed 3 children to attend university and 3 more to complete a mission training school. Today the Jewel of the Nation Children’s Home provides love, hope and a future for 27 children.

In 2010, Ventje and Dintje established a new children’s home in West Timor on Rote Island.  The situation there is bleak after the financial crisis took large toll on the lives of the local inhabitants. The island children often suffer with diseases and sicknesses such as diarrhea, tuberculosis, malaria and dengue fever.

These 2 homes are working on food growing / self sufficient projects including a bio-gas operation, a piggery, and a biogas project.

Designed by Daniel Fairbanks