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Your Gift Has an Impact in the Lives of Children

If you have taken the time to view the photo gallery and films of the children in the nations where we work where we work, we know you have a grasp on the incredible need that exists. Asian Pacific Childrens Fund has identified opportunities within that need to make a difference in the lives of these children. For these children, we find that often the difference between life and death – a home on the streets – love or abuse and neglect – can literally depend on the childrens homes interventions that APCF supports. Your generosity allows these homes to continue to operate and fuels their quest to carry out the life-saving mission they are devoted to on behalf of children. Your gift empowers APCF to bolster their vision to rescue hundreds and thousands of more children by increasing their capacity and ability to serve the children they work with by giving these once forgotten children a hope and a future.

Please remember that no one at the Asian Pacific Childrens Fund takes any salary. This means that APCF has next to no overhead as an organization and 100% of your donation goes straight into our projects and is invested in the lives of children!

Please consider a monthly donation to support one or more children.

It costs on average $1,800 a year ($150/mo.) to feed, shelter, clothe, give medical care and educate each child in our homes in Asia.
(this varies from country to country, but is rising sharply due to inflation).

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