Sanctuary Home

Sanctuary Home (formerly Hope Mission Home)

The statistics on children in India are grim. Less than half of India’s children between ages 6 and 14 go to school. 10% of all children are disabled, 10% die before age 5, in fact 7% die before their first birthday. 74% of India’s children below 3 years old are anemic and more than 50% of Indian children are malnourished. In southern India, thousands of children under 5 die every day from starvation. To put this into context India today has a child population of 400 million.

Rev. Durairaj grew up in a children’s home after having experienced great personal hunger, deprivation and abuse on the streets of India. In 1988 Rev. and Kirubai Durairaj, with 5 young children of their own, took in 5 destitute children even though they were struggling to feed their own children on only 500 Rupees (11 US dollars) a month. Over the next two decades, following the founding of the ‘Sanctuary Home’, the needs of the Durairaj family and their rapidly growing orphanage were miraculously met – with food, clothing and finances arriving ‘just in time’ from generous donors around the world.

Sanctuary Home (formerly Hope Mission Home)  is now run by Rev. Durairaj’s son, Prayer Durairaj and his American born wife, Crystal. They have 2 children of their own.

Since APCF started supporting Sanctuary Home in 2002 over 400 children have benefited from the home. The number of children residing at Sanctuary Home has increased from 45 to over 180.  Today Sanctuary Home ensures that 180 children, 65 girls and 115 boys, ranging in age from 3-18, are taught strong foundational life principles, are nurtured, and are given compassion and hope for the future. All the children (including the 3-year-old) attend school and receive regular medical care.

After the children turn 18 and are transitioned out of Sanctuary Home they are helped to go on to higher education or enter directly into their career. Many choose Bible school as their next step.  The first 2 university graduates, 2 boys, graduated as electrical engineers in April, 2014. Three girls are about to graduate with teaching and nursing degrees.

Over the next year of so, Sanctuary Home plans to build a new dormitory for girls to enable another 50 girls to be adopted into the home. By 2016 Sanctuary Home plans to have a fully operating Christian school.

Prayer and Chystal Durairaj have a dream to offer love, hope and a future to 1000 children, many of whom would otherwise be starving or dead on the poverty-stricken streets of rural southern India.

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