Valley Cathedral Children’s Home

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Founded by an 90+ year old grandmother/widow from Phoenix, AZ (when she was 62), Mommy Zelma Houser started this children’s home with a Filipino couple, a $5,000 savings account, and her $500 a month Social Security check. Twenty-seven years later, Mommy Zelma and her staff are providing a loving family environment for 45 children – with 8 of them presently in university, studying to be nurses, doctors, businessmen, teachers, and hotel/restaurant managers, and over 60 VCCH children have graduated from University.

These were   “throw away children” who would have grown up on the streets of Manila (or other large Philippine cities) – where the girls become prostitutes by age 10; and the boys (and girls) steal to live (and eat), or sell drugs; where many would end up in prison or dead before age 18 .

Instead, Mommy Zelma, her children’s home and staff have given these children, who no one wanted, hope, a future and a life.

It takes about $2,400 per year to feed, shelter, clothe, educate and cover the overhead for one child – that’s $200 per month. As more funds become available, Mommy Zelma can expand her facilities and take in more children.

Designed by Daniel Fairbanks