Wyresdale Children’s Home, Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-religious country, situated north of India in the Himalayas. Nepal has some of the world’s highest mountains including Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest, 29,029ft/8848m, which it shares with Tibet. The highest mountain on Earth towers above populated valleys and forested plains.

Protecting children in Nepal is exceptionally challenging. These children often have reduced access to basic necessities like adequate shelter, food, clothing, healthcare, and education. They suffer violence, exploitation, abuse, sexual assault, neglect, and social isolation.

It was against this backdrop that Rishi and Basundra Sapkota founded the Wyresdale Children’s Home (WCH) in 1994. It was not until 2006, after a democratic political system was introduced, that it became easier for Christian organizations to offer their services to the underprivileged of Nepal. Today the WCH is registered both with the local administration office and with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal. The Wyresdale name comes from a parish in Lancashire, England, where Rishi studied at Bible School in the early 1990s.

Pastor Rishi Sapkota, his wife Basundra and their small team of a helper and a driver are taking care of 27 such poor and vulnerable children who come from different parts of Nepal, providing love, food, shelter, clothing, education and spiritual guidance to these children. 25 of their children are in grades 2-10, a further 2 are in grade 12. WCH recently received a “good certificate” from the school authorities for the academic achievements of their children.

WCH constantly receives requests from villages in Nepal to accept more vulnerable children into their children’s home. While current finances mean that it is extremely challenging to provide the necessities for the existing children, Rishi & Basundra are constantly exploring ways to extend the care, protection, love and education WCH provides to even more destitute children.

Designed by Daniel Fairbanks